2 7 8 D O C . 3 3 3 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 I am glad that you are getting Debye in Zurich he is a preeminently talented and industrious person at the height of his powers. From the scientific standpoint, he will give the Poly. an impetus the likes of which it has never before experienced.[3] I’d like to mention two other men who may be taken into consideration for appoint- ments in Switzerland: the philosopher M. Schlick[4] (private lecturer of philosophy in Rostock) and Kammerer, the Viennese biologist.[5] Schlick wrote an epistemol- ogy and a little book on relativity from the philosophical point of view, both excel- lent.[6] Among contemporary philosophers, he impresses me the most he would be a splendid acquisition. As a Kant opponent and an internationalist, he has few pros- pects here.—You’ll be able to judge Kammerer better than I. He is in such dire straits that he cannot work academically at all anymore. He too, as an internation- alist and pacifist, has little hope in Germany. Do think of them both![7] I still don’t know when I can come to Switzerland. For I have to go to Holland. I promised to give a talk in Geneva when I come to Switzerland.[8] I am delighted that Albert is with you [9] I am going to get “European” money again soon for my family nothing more can be done with the local currency.[10] But I do still have a few 100 francs at the Kantonalbank.[11] Albert should not get the feeling that his Papa doesn’t worry about his upkeep. During the summer holidays I would like to have Albert, or better still, both children here. I want to stay by a lake with them and go sailing with them every day. It would surely do the children some good, and I too urgently need some relaxation in natural surroundings. A longer stay in Switz- erland would be much too expensive. Weyl has recovered again, I hope. He is a very remarkable mind but a little re- moved from reality. In the new edition of his book, he made a complete mess of relativity, I think—God forgive him.[12] Perhaps he will eventually realize that, for all his keen perception, he has shot wide of the mark. Cordial regards from your Einstein, who is very much looking forward to seeing you again. 333. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin, 27 February 1920][1] Dear Albert, I hope you received the package of music scores. I packed into it everything I could find that was suitable.[2] In summer let’s try to carry out our planned sailing excursion with our very own sailboat.[3] I will start the search very soon. Do you
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