D O C S . 2 4 7 , 2 4 8 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 0 7 247. To Edgar Meyer [Berlin,] 6 January 1920 Dear Mr. Meyer, I return to the [subject of the] vacant post for theoretical physics at the University of Zurich.[1] Ehrenfest wrote me that Epstein was reportedly financially ruined by the events and that they were thinking of appointing him in Holland in order to give him enough security to work in science.[2] I do believe, though, that you should not let it get that far. On the other hand, someone told me very rightly about Rat- nowsky: he always either has time for research or food for himself and his family, but never both at the same time.[3] Now, I say to myself: Ratnowsky is a good teacher[4] but not an independent the- oretical mind of any importance Epstein is an excellent mind but not a teacher for beginners. Couldn’t one give each of them an Extraordinary Professorship with a salary equivalent to that of a cantonal schoolteacher? Together they would repre- sent the discipline well in that they would complement each other, and the costs would be manageable for the university. I am far from placing sentimental reasons in the forefront. But I do think that practically it would not be so easy to substitute anything better than this option. Please don’t take this liberty of mine amiss. I just wanted to mention a possibil- ity you do not need to reply at all. I know too well that one has no rights when one has no responsibility to bear. But I did want to mention it to you. Cordial regards, yours, A. Einstein. 248. To Emil Zürcher [Berlin,] 6 January 1920 Dear Dr. Zürcher, In accordance with my wife’s wish, I had the money, which I had hitherto depos- ited with Mr. Karr for my family, handed over to you.[1] I hope you have received it. Today I am sending another 5000 marks to you for the same purpose.[2] Now the money should be converted only in an emergency, since the real ratio of worth clearly is substantially greater than the exchange ratio , so a conversion is mark franc ----------- - 11- 100 --------
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