D O C S . 4 4 4 6 M A Y 1 9 1 9 3 9 thor. I am sending you in the same mail an elementary exposition of my theory.[3] If you should return to the plan of publishing such an article, then you yourself will perhaps find pleasure in reading it. With utmost respect, A. Einstein. 44. To Munich Military Tribunal 19 May 1919 [Not selected for translation.] 45. From Eduard Study [Bonn, 24 May 1919] Many thanks! I regret I hurried you too much the meeting is only in a week.[1] You are right with the axiomatics I did not want to dispute that in the least, just wanting to refute the bias and intolerant judgment of those with other tendencies.[2] A “geometry” without a concept of space you already find with Pasch. It does not appeal to me because many and, in my op[inion], very essential things are mis- sing.[3] Your other objections appear to me to be not those of a physicist, but the objections of a positivist.[4] To be sure, with me things float around in space like fish in a pond. But I do not concede that this comparison would be the basis of an objection. Rather, it looks to me more to be precisely the right thing to satisfy an intellectual need—which a positivist just does not seem to have. In my op[inion], a positivist cannot come to terms with the alien life of the soul he should be a sol- ipsist and not write anything at all. Best regards, E. St. 46. From Felix Ehrenhaft Vienna IX, 5 Boltzmann Alley, 28 May 1919 Dear Mr. Einstein, It has already been long since I heard from you, and a long time since you heard from me. So I would like to interrupt the pause in our correspondence once again.[1]
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