2 9 6 D O C S . 3 5 3 3 5 5 M A R C H 1 9 2 0 Joining my wife and children in extending warmest wishes for your good health, I send you my regards in sincere gratitude, yours, M. Schlick News of the coup in Berlin just arrived.[9] The joviality of the gentlemen of the right wing won’t last long but poor Germany is in a very bad way. 353. From Arthur S. Eddington [Cambridge,] 15 March 1920 Dear Professor Einstein, Thank you very much for the paper by Grebe and Bachem.[1] The results are very interesting and look convincing although I am scarcely qualified to judge the questions involved. I hear that St John has been making further researches, with magnesium and oth- er lines, still getting a zero result [2] so I expect that for some time to come spec- troscopists will be divided as to what the result really is.[3] I am very much hoping that your intended visit to us will be possible.[4] Yours very sincerely, A. S. Eddington. 354. From Heinrich Pfeiffer 16 March 1920 [Not selected for translation.] 355. From Hendrik A. Lorentz Haarlem, 17 March 1920 Dear Colleague, I gathered from Ehrenfest that the loss you had been fearing for so long has now come to pass and we, my wife and I, assure you both of our heartfelt compassion in your sorrow.[1] We can imagine how sad you must be feeling we know from ex- perience how painful it is to lose those who cared for us throughout our childhood and remained attached to us throughout our lives by the fondest love.
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