D O C S . 2 2 1 , 2 2 2 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 1 8 9 desire among people to retie the knots of brotherhood. If we do this, our duty to- ward humanity, we are doing what an individual person can achieve in this situa- tion. For ultimately, in order to register large results, the governments must work together. Let’s hope this also happens soon! With most cordial regards, yours very truly, Robert W. Lawson. 221. From Peter Debye Göttingen, 19 December 1919 Dear Mr. Einstein, Yesterday I received the long telegram about the Verhandlungen[1] and immedi- ately sent out a reply to you by telegram. Even so, the affair is still not completely clear to me, despite just receiving a letter from Nernst. For the present, I just under- stand that generally there are problems with the publication of the Verhandlungen and the publisher seems to believe that only by founding yet another new journal, this time for physics, can he recoup his losses.[2] I find the rash of new foundations rather regrettable and would very much like to counteract it, as far as it is in my power. I have, additionally, a superficial interest in the matter as well through the Physikalische Zeitschrift.[3] I am now going to arrange to come to Berlin on Saturday the 27th, late in the evening, and make myself available there. Initially, I wanted to ask you in this letter to have one of your assistants book a room for me at some hotel, but that has mean- while become unnecessary. In his letter, Nernst offers me lodgings at his home.[4] In addition, I would also like to use my sojourn in Berlin to consult with you re- garding the Zurich matter.[5] I presume that you have quite specific views about that. With best regards, yours, P. Debye P.S. I received the paper by von Mises.[6] 222. From Moritz Schlick Rostock, 23 Orléans St., 19 December 1919 Dear, highly esteemed Professor, With your letter[1] you afforded us great pleasure, and we thank you heartily for it. Your generosity, however, does overrate by far what we, or rather, my wife may have contributed toward the agreeableness of your Rostock stay.[2] I take the liberty
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