D O C S . 3 1 0 , 3 1 1 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 5 9 Esteemed Professor, I write all this not for myself it’s intended to beg you to excuse us. Next Thursday, when we are assembled again before you, please do per- haps feel just a little bit less of the disgust that must justifiably well up from the tactlessness of the audience today, in the certainty that there are others besides them. I beg your pardon once again for taking the liberty of writing to you as a stranger, and sign with utmost respect, yours truly, Hans Toby Cohn, stud. phil. 310. From Heinrich Pfeiffer 12 February 1920 [Not selected for translation.] 311. From Eduard Meyer[1] Berlin, 12 February 1920 Esteemed Colleague, As individual students have already done, today the representative committee of the Student Council submitted an official complaint to me that numerous unautho- rized auditors were attending your lecture and that when yesterday the representa- tives, together with university officials, were examining the legitimacy of those present, you intervened and stated that you wished to admit into your lecture per- sons unaffiliated with the university.[2] It is thoroughly understandable that you, not being a member of the regular uni- versity faculty, are not accurately informed about the existing regulations.[3] I am obligated, however, to let you know that the presence of unauthorized persons, i.e., of those who cannot produce a student identity card or an auditor’s certificate, are not permitted to attend lectures and that the university officials, like the student committee, have the right and, as the case may be, the duty to conduct checks. I am hoping to meet you this afternoon at the Academy[4] before your lecture but am writing you this letter in case you do not appear there, with the request that you not stand in the way of the check scheduled to take place again today, nor impede removal of the unauthorized audience. I would be neglecting my official duty if I did not uphold the existing regulations. With great respect, yours very sincerely, Eduard Meyer.
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