2 2 8 D O C S . 2 7 5 , 2 7 6 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 0 275. To Robert W. Lawson Berlin, 22 January 1920 Highly esteemed Colleague, You misunderstood our conditions regarding the booklet. What both I and Vieweg meant was that the proposed amount of 4 or 3 pence would be for Vieweg and me together, not for each individually.[1] So if per booklet 4 pence is paid for both of us, then we are completely satisfied. For your readiness in the Freundlich and Schlick matter I thank you cordially. I have decided, however, to write to the publishers involved myself, so that you do not need to worry about this business anymore.[2] The article for Nature is almost finished,[3] but it has unfortunately become so long that I very much doubt whether it could appear in Nature. Should this not be the case, we could then perhaps find another publication means. I enclose a copy of the statutes of “Clarté” for you. Our German wing is still not ready yet.[4] With best regards, I am yours. 276. To Kornél Loewy (-Lánczos) Berlin, 22 January 1920 Esteemed Colleague, I studied your paper as far as my present overload allowed.[1] I believe I may say this much: this does involve competent and original brainwork, on the basis of which a doctorate should be obtainable. I myself do not belong to a university and therefore cannot come under consideration for a practical completion of the matter.[2] I personally have little theoretical experience in the field of quaternions and presently hold the view that one gets by very well with the simple tensor expres- sion. But I am readily open to correction. I have not been able to form a definite opinion on the question of whether electrons should be construed as singular points or as singularity-free solutions to differential equations.[3] It is known to you, of course, that in framing a theory of singularities one encounters the obstacle that the energy integral diverges to infinity at the transition to a point-shaped electron. (Fi- niteness of the electron’s mass.) I gladly accept the honorable dedication.[4] With great respect.
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