5 0 D O C . 6 0 J U N E 1 9 1 9 60. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein [Berlin,] 13 June 1919 My dear Albert, Yesterday I received your dear and detailed letter. I’m writing a quick reply be- cause there isn’t much time left anymore, as I am thinking of being in Zurich on July 1st already.[1] This time I’m coming alone and will stay at the Sternwarte boarding house again.[2] I hope I don’t forget to bring along the photographic plates on which your childhood is immortalized! I’m very much looking forward to our reunion. The doctor won’t let me go on an actual hiking tour, because he thinks that I wouldn’t get the right food then.[3] But we can find lodgings somewhere at high altitude where there are nice walks (or somewhere where we can sail). The begin- ning of August is a possibility because my lecture courses will just be finished then. My mother unfortunately is lying mortally ill in Lucerne. She is sure to die 〈next〉 within a year and is suffering dreadfully.[4] So I’ll naturally have to be there fre- quently. Your question about the sail is not as simple as you imagine. I’ll tell you about it and about many other things when we are together. I find your remark about Heller’s compositions very funny.[5] Tell Mama she should budget because I won’t be able to send the money so punctually in July.[6] The exchange rate is now causing serious difficulties.[7] It’s good that I’m getting something for my lectures in Zurich, little as it is.[8] Healthwise I’m doing well, because I’m being very well cared for. But I always have to live according to a strict diet and can’t take on too much physically. I liked your detailed information about school. I also had little in- clination for history I do think, though, that it has more to do with the method of instruction than the subject itself. What people were doing in former times certain- ly is very interesting, isn’t it?[9] Perhaps we could take Tete along too, as I’m not allowed to march about much anyway. But let’s not go to Rheinfelden, because that wouldn’t be relaxing for me at all[10] and I’m not going anywhere else to relax this year. Affectionate greetings also to Tete from your Papa Kind regards to Mama. Dear Tete, Your letter made me very happy. It really does contain all that is truly important. I’m very glad that we’ll be seeing each other soon in Zurich. As soon as I arrive, I’ll telephone you all immediately. A kiss from your Papa. I wish you a very happy birthday.[11] You can tell me what you want, then we can choose something together.
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