D O C S . 3 2 9 , 3 3 0 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 7 5 Mr. Dehlinger asks to have his salary deposited at the Deutsche Bank, Deposit Teller 0, Berlin, 18 Belleallianceplatz, into the account held by his father-in-law, Privy Councillor Nebel.[3] Would you please arrange this directly? Perhaps it would be advisable, though, that you give me authority, during your absence, to order ne- cessary payments, such as printing costs for the appeal[4] or Dehlinger’s salary. I hope you are feeling better again I am terribly sorry that you had to go through such a difficult time.[5] I am traveling to Görlitz on Mar. 4th, where I am scheduled to speak, and to Heilbronn and Ludwigshafen on the 10th, where the furnace is ready.[6] If I can, I shall visit you beforehand. The research is moving along nicely just the M stars in star clusters and in our system puzzle me I do believe, though, that I shall make some headway again.[7] Cordial regards, yours, E. Freundlich. 329. From the Protestant Synod of Berlin Berlin C2, 69 Neue Friedrich St., 26 February 1920. In re. letter to the Main City Cashier, Schöneberg, Berlin, dated 19 May 1919.[1] ————— You have been referred to us as Protestants by the Municipality for collection of the church tax. You can be relieved of obligatory church tax only if you deliver to us within 14 days certified proof that you and your wife do not belong to the Protestant Church.[2] If you and your wife have withdrawn from it in due legal form, please present to us the judicial certificate or inform us on which day, at which court, and under which file reference you declared your withdrawal. After expiration of the above period we would have to assume that you do not intend to produce the required proof. The collection procedure for 171.60 marks shall then proceed. Certified: Königsdörfer. 330. To Marcel Grossmann Berlin, 27 February 1920 Dear Grossmann, Forgive me for answering so late![1] I am so overburdened with duties and cor- respondence, and the painful suffering and death of my mother crippled my ability
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