1 7 0 D O C S . 1 9 9 , 2 0 0 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 home, deathly ill—I must try, sooner or later, to house my children in Germany along with my divorced wife.[11] Problems and worries at every turn. The behavior of the Entente is beginning to become disgusting now, even to my taste. My hopes for the League of Nations do not seem to want to materialize.[12] And yet, France also seems to be suffering very much, despite the coal imports, as one can see from her new railway-travel restrictions.[13] Over here both movables and immovables are being bought up by foreigners, to the point that we are be- coming an Anglo-American colony.[14] It’s good that our brains aren’t for sale or subject to the Reich’s emergency relief tax! I hope all of you are healthy and are not freezing too much. Affectionate greet- ings to you all, yours, Einstein. 199. To Moritz Schlick [Berlin, 8 December 1919] Dear Mr. Schlick, On instructions by my friend Born[1] I am sending you some shoddy rubbish by a supp[osed] philosopher who has adopted the democratic method.[2] I don’t want to force my opinion on you, but I do not think that if I were in your position I would respond to it.[3] It takes away time, one gets irritated, and nothing is gained by it after all. Or can you approach it from the bright side and enjoy making fun of it? Occasionally one is in the mood for that, too. With cordial regards to you, your wife, and your children, yours, Einstein. 200. From Ludwig Darmstaedter Berlin NW 7, 38 Unter den Linden, 8 December 1919 Dear Professor, You had the great generosity sometime ago of giving us a draft of your labors for the Darmstaedter Manuscript Collection, which is a gem of our collection.[1] I now have the great wish that you place at our disposal whatever you can dispense with from among your great scientific correspondence for the collection, in accordance with the enclosed letter.[2] The collection today represents a unique location for the history of science. It is dedicated solely to that purpose and I am using the short span of time still granted me to develop this collection and meet
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