1 2 D O C S . 1 3 , 1 4 M A R C H 1 9 1 9 First about the stipend for Lenz. The essentials on this can be found on the offi- cial form.[1] So I just want to add that I really consider Lenz very capable and do wish he would finally, for once, have the proper leisure time for advancement. Then about the paper on spectra by Kossel and me.[2] It is supposed to be presented on April 25th at the next session of the G. Phys. Soc. As Scheel writes me that he doesn’t have any other material, I would be very grateful if you would take a look at the piece and give a short talk on it.[3] I would not burden you with this if I were not convinced that the matter will interest you (it really is very fine) and that it will cost you only minimum effort. If you accept my proposal, please tell the members that I feel unhappy about being constantly impeded by the currently miserable commute from attending the meetings.[4] Furthermore, do acknowledge the accom- plishments of good old Goldstein, which have come very much to the fore again with our [X-ray spectroscopic] displacement law.[5] I would have asked Goldstein to give the report on our work himself but am afraid that, apart from giving him a certain pleasure, I would cause him a great deal of work and anxiety over the quan- tum numbers. This ms. is not intended for publication, rather just for your orienta- tion the printer’s ms. is still subject to Paschen’s scrutiny.[6] Scheel would like no- tification by the beginning of April whether you will report. Would you be so good as to call him by telephone? It’s a pity that you were not here![7] Yours, A. Sommerfeld. 13. From Hugo Seemann 26 March 1919 [Not selected for translation.] 14. From Erwin Freundlich Neubabelsberg, Town Hall, 27 March 1919 Dear Mr. Einstein, I have made one more step forward that seems to me very promising. Development of the method of determining the redshift of spectrum lines from fixed stars, as I have done for stars in the Orion nebula,[1] runs up against the diffi- culty that such links between stars and nebulae, in which not only the stars but also
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