3 0 6 D O C S . 3 6 9 , 3 7 0 A P R I L 1 9 2 0 369. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin,] 5 April 1920 Dear Albert, The postcard from Aegeri delighted me,[1] likewise your and Mama’s letter from Zurich. I’m glad that now all three of you will soon be back together again in Zurich.[2] You write me only that you received the Matthew Passion. But there were more scores and a big photograph of me in the package too.[3] Did you receive that? I will let you go to western Switzerland in the summer during the vacation as you wish,[4] even though I am very sorry that we cannot be together. Only the fall va- cation is left. Then you really should visit me, if possible with Tete. A trip to Switz- erland is too expensive for me.—I’m happy enough if I can drum up the money for your upkeep in Swiss currency.[5] Who knows whether one fine day I won’t be forced to look for a job abroad after all. At the end of this month I’m going to Hol- land for a month.[6] Then I have to go to Christiania to give a few talks.[7] Can’t you convey to me in writing a few of the questions you want to ask me? I would cer- tainly answer you in detail. It’s terrible how the people here have to suffer. Clothing and shoes are unafford- able, likewise most foods. The death rate is horrendous. The sick die of starvation in the hospital, i.e., they perish from the effects of bad nutrition.[8] I, for my part, am glad that you are in Switzerland. It’s never been as bad as it is at present. It’s supposedly even more dire in Austria.[9] God knows how all this will end. With warm regards also to Mama and the Zürchers,[10] I am yours, Papa. 370. To Carl Hermann Unthan [Berlin,] 5 April 1920 Esteemed Sir,[1] It is truly touching that you have taken such great pains on my behalf, even though pitiless Nature truly did not make it easy for you. The education of armless people in the manner practiced by you would certainly be a good deed I think that, with such low numbers of people falling under this category, the goal could be at- tained without setting the unwieldy apparatus of the state into motion (a grant).[2] As concerns the content of the article, I must admit that it always pains me when the few little blossoms that grew in my flowerbed must suffer by being used to dec- orate the banner of nationalism. For I am a pacifist and, in these times of hate, am
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