D O C S . 2 2 2 4 A P R I L 1 9 1 9 1 9 22. To Felix Klein [Berlin,] 14 April 1919 Dear Colleague, I am thrilled with your new paper[1] like a child who gets a piece of chocolate from his mother. What you plant squarely on its feet is exactly what is crookedly limping and lurching every which way with me. Now I am sending you the proofs of a new paper that again relies far more on physical than on mathematical support, in that Hamilton’s principle by the same token must be given up.[2] A brief note with your opinion of it would be of great interest to me. With cordial regards, yours truly, A. Einstein. 23. To Emil Zürcher [Berlin,] 15 April 1919 Dear Dr. Zürcher,[1] I am sending you my booklet on relativity[2] as well as a small sum of money that, according to the court decree, still seems to have to be disbursed.[3] Reliable reports that I could gather about Russia have become so numerous that further doubt is unfortunately no longer possible. The country is being plundered by countless minor potentates = leaders of thieving bands that are systematically shooting all people who do not belong to the lowest class. These bands are recruit- ing the Chinese to a large extent.[4] Fine prospects for us, too! If the Entente were well directed and farsighted, it would concentrate on keeping Germany somewhat healthily alive. France should receive damages for the destruction but ought not to want to capture German land.[5] Now is the time to speak out if one would only listen. With cordial greetings, yours, Einstein. Best regards to your wife.[6] 24. To Felix Klein [Berlin,] 16 April 1919 Dear Colleague,[1] Your paper appealed to me very much.[2] (I can now no longer accept the postu- late that the energy of gravitation has to be describable by expressions that contain
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