3 0 8 D O C . 3 7 2 A P R I L 1 9 2 0 probably still have to elapse before the problem is completely resolved. But I have full confidence in the rel[ativistic] idea. Once all the sources of error have been eliminated (indirect light source), it is sure to come out right.[13] The difficulty in calculating the dissociation equilibria in quantum theory lies in the problem of attributing weighting factors to frozen degrees of freedom. Isn’t a nonrotating H2 just simply a monatomic gas (disregarding permutability of the atomic bonds)? I am curious how you extricated yourselves from this situation. Without doing something arbitrary, I don’t know how and am eager to hear you tell me all about it.[14] I have made no more progress in the general theory of rel. The electric field still remains unconnected. Overdetermination does not work.[15] Nor have I produced anything for the electron problem.[16] Does the reason have to do with my harden- ing brain mass or is the redeeming idea really so far away? (Now is the time for that fine observation by the pol. economist Oppenheimer, which amused me so much at the time.)[17] I am enthralled with The Brothers Karamazov. It is the most wonderful book I have ever laid my hands on. What a shame that I’ll soon be finished reading it al- ready.–[18] Here calm has superficially returned again. But gaping disparities remain pain- fully noticeable. Arbitrary chauvinism & the attendant resentment. In the city, ter- rible want and hunger. The infant mortality is horrifying. No one knows where all of this is leading us politically. The government has sunk into extreme impotence. In its wings the major forces are at loggerheads: sabre rattlers, money, extreme so- cialist unions.[19] Cordial greetings to all of you. I am enormously pleased to be able to share a piece of your lives again soon. It will be quite especially nice in the spring. Write me the essentials soon, yours, Einstein. 372. From Maurice Solovine[1] Paris (13th [district]), 39 Boulevard de Port-Royal, 7 April 1920 Dear Einstein, The local science publisher Gauthier-Villars asked me recently whether I would be inclined to draw up an exposition of your grand discovery accessible to a wider audience. He leaves me the freedom to illuminate your theory also from a philo- sophical perspective.
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