D O C . 3 6 8 A P R I L 1 9 2 0 3 0 5 supposed to be held here in Halle on the university premises. One of the speakers, the tenured schoolteacher [Studienrat] Dr. Bernhard Fliess at Aschersleben, has just chosen precisely this relationship between the theory of relativity and the Phi- losophy of As If as a topic.[4] He is a physicist. His talk or report, resp., is then supposed to be complemented by an accompa- nying report by the philosopher Prof. Kowalewski of Königsberg, brother of the Prague mathematician.[5] Both of them, and naturally first and foremost I myself, could not wish more ear- nestly that you would be willing to participate in person at this scholarly gathering, whether passively or actively, entirely as you choose. It would be a high honor and a great joy to all those attending if you appeared in person. The day of the gathering cannot be firmly scheduled yet because of the political upheavals. The conference should take place directly before or after the general as- sembly of the Kant Society.[6] But already now I would like to ask provisionally, at least, for your acceptance in principle to joining us in Halle. Given the proximity of Berlin to Halle, it would seem that fulfillment of this request were easily feas- ible. It also goes without saying that, through newspaper reports about this confer- ence and specifically about talks on your theory, your name will again be brought to the forefront of general interest. It would please me and my friends exceedingly, especially also Dr. Raymund Schmidt,[7] coeditor of the Annalen der Philosophie, to receive a perhaps positive reply from you soon. With very sincere greetings, your colleague, Vaihinger P.S. Obviously, it would be most valuable to participants at the meeting of the friends of the Philosophy of As If, if you yourself were willing to take on a talk at this conference. But I hardly dare make this request of you. If you should consider it, however, I would forward to you the list of other talks, which is still not very firm as yet. 368. To Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith 5 April 20, [Not selected for translation.]
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