D O C . 1 5 0 O C T O B E R 1 9 1 9 1 2 9 Bohr’s kitchen of ideas [4] that must be a mind of the very first order, extremely crit- ical and far-seeing, never losing sight of the overall picture. Cordial regards, yours, Einstein. 150. From Arnold Sommerfeld Munich, 24 October 1919 Dear Einstein, On the question of the Bonn professorship[1] I would like to add the following: Koch wrote me quite an unhappy letter from Hamburg. He seems to be having per- sonal difficulties there professionally also, because there is no spectroscopic ma- terial available there.[2] He is a “Catholic and a Rhinelander” and would probably like to go to Bonn (which he did not write to me but which I have to assume from earlier remarks).[3] So I would be pleased if you carried out your intention and went to Expert Adviser Becker.[4] Furthermore: Füchtbauer was here he longs for an in- stitute, since as an associate professor at Paschen’s he cannot act freely. He thinks he would get to Hamburg if Hamburg became vacant.[5] Then both positions would be decently filled. Finally, I would probably be able to bring Lenz to Tübingen in Füchtbauer’s position.[6] Thus the right shifting, but this time without any shifty in- terests. Röntgen has tendered his resignation. I hope to get Wien or Paschen to come over here.[7] Kossel will apply for a small grant from your K.W. Institute, for experimental work. There is surely no need for a recommendation by me. He has more brilliant ideas about X-ray absorption edges in connection with new experiments by Sieg- bahn-Stenström.[8] Pauli is calculating the paths of light and Mercury according to Weyl. Maybe this way Weyl will be disproved.[9] Thanks for your postcard about the magnetic angular momentum. I forwarded it to Granquist.[10] In rejoining my wife, I found her better and more composed than when I had left.[11] My shifting suggestion requires no answer. With respectful greetings to your wife, yours, A. Sommerfeld
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