1 8 6 D O C . 2 1 8 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 as a result of receiving the Nobel Prize. From a very reliable source I heard, how- ever, that this is out of the question for political reasons.[15] I therefore see no pos- sibility of keeping Mileva and the children in Switzerland in Germany I can pro- vide for them excellently. Here all conditions are variable and not all for the best large-scale corruption and impoverishment. Over the long term, though, I believe that the country will de- velop in a satisfactory direction. The drawbacks of the defeat are being immediate- ly felt, the benefits only bit by bit. I am determined to hold out here as long as I am able to provide properly for both households.[16] And I am convinced that I shall be able to do so throughout my life, if both are 〈here〉 in Germany. It would not be fair of you, if you influenced my Zurich family in the opposite direction. Consider how you would feel if you were in my position and others (with the best of intentions) decided on your children’s lot. Best regards, yours, Einstein I 〈wanted〉 am going to travel to Basle in January for consultations about the organ- ization of the yet to be founded University of Jerusalem. 〈But it is too time-consum- ing and exhausting for me.〉 I am very glad 〈though〉 that my fellow kinsmen are now getting a home of their own.[17] The newspaper drivel about me is pathetic this kind of exaggeration meets a certain need among the public. Really, a harmless ideology.[18] 218. From Gösta Mittag-Leffler[1] [Helouan near Cairo,] 16 December 1919 Esteemed Colleague, I have issued a volume in honor of the memory of Henri Poincaré[2] (volume 38) of my Acta Mathematica, in which different authors describe his discoveries in ar- eas of the mathematical sciences that each of them knows best.[3] You will find there, for example, Lorentz, Wien, Planck, among others.[4] The volume starts with “a survey of his works by Henri Poincaré himself” but unfortunately it ends 10 years before his death. The volume will be completed around this spring. There would still be enough space for an article, lacking there, on Poincaré’s ideas concerning the important theory created mainly by you, the theory on the relationship between space, matter, and time. I am so bold now as to address you with the request to kindly send me such an article.[5]
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