1. To Mileva Einstein-Maric and Hans Albert Einstein [Zurich, 10 January 1919] Dear Mileva and dear Albert, Your letter made me very happy. I would like to come back to the matter of the skimpy birdfeed[1] when I return to Zurich. At the moment (until the 19th) I have to leave on a business trip.[2] If I can arrange it, I’ll go to Arosa for a couple of days to see Tete.[3] When Adn arrived yesterday with the letter, I was here,[4] but they didn’t look for me properly. My train leaves in 2 hours. As regards health, inciden- tally, I am feeling infinitely better than last year.[5] Wishing you both pleasant days for now, yours, Papa or Albert, resp. 2. To Hedwig and Max Born[1] [Zuoz, canton of Graubünden, 15 January 1919] [. . .][2] With brilliant sunshine and sweet chocolate, it’s grand to read about the goings- on in Berlin from up here.[3] Monday the schoolmastering begins.[4] This nest Zuoz is unbelievably attractive architecturally. Warm greetings to you all, from your Einstein. We can’t return until about the 20th of Feb.[5] 3. To Hedwig and Max Born Arosa, [canton of Graubünden,] 19 January [1919] [. . .][1] Sparkling scenery and well-fed citizens who have nothing to fear. That is what it looks like here. But God knows, I like people with cares, to whom the morrow looms large with uncertainty. How will everything turn out? It’s difficult to take one’s mind off the changed and still changing Berlin.[2] I think it will turn out well, as I see it, when calm is restored again. The young people who have experienced all this won’t become bourgeois so soon. Warm regards from your Einstein.
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