1 8 0 D O C . 2 1 0 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 special theory of relativity was first provided by Laue.[2] I myself never found oc- casion to make use of the formula. The information you obtained in this regard must therefore be based on an error. During my last sojourn in Holland I would very much have liked to have taken a look at your fine experimental setup time, however, did not suffice for a visit to your institute.[3] I hope I can soon rectify this omission. With best regards, yours very truly, A. Einstein. 210. From Arnold Sommerfeld Munich, 13 December 1919 Dear Einstein, My colleague Emden presumes, probably rightly, that you might be interested in the attached ms. He already got Mr. Seeliger’s (!) sanction at an astron. colloquium. Would your interest perh. go so far as to present the subject at a meeting of the G[erman] Phys[ical] Soc[iety].? Emden still wants to decide whether the note should be published there or at the local Academy here.[1] The new title Z[ei]tschr. für Physik [Journal of Physics] has generated for me much worry and correspondence. How much better “Proceedings” [Verhandlun- gen] would be and for the admin. communic[ation]s, “Session Rep[orts]” [Sitzungsber.]![2] W. Wien already announced his withdrawal from the society, be- cause he perceives this new jour[nal], without any kind of advance notice, as un- generous toward the Ann[alen].[3] I was also informed of the title only after every- thing had been settled. Could you still lend a helping hand there? I have written to Planck for the same reason.[4] You shouldn’t be pestered with the imposition of a report, if you aren’t inclined to do so. Or do you consider the topic suitable for publication with the Berlin Ac- ad.? Cord. greetings from your, A. Sommerfeld Postscript following dictation:[5] I forgot to say that in a few days Emden will send you directly a tidier version of the enclosed figure. I think he would be most pleased if you would submit his note immediately to the Berlin Academy for printing, although, obviously, only if you deem it appropriate enough to do so. Please do your best so that the scientific notices of the society continue to appear under the former title for now, until the peripatetic convention has made a deci- sion. I gave Mr. Scheel more detailed suggestions.
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