D O C S . 8 1 0 M A R C H 1 9 1 9 9 8. To Erwin Freundlich [Berlin,] 1 March 1919 Dear Mr. Freundlich![1] Nernst recently asked me about your progress report (as specified in our con- tract) for the year 1918 could you please send it out to me.–[2] I read the lucid and fine article by Kohlschütter on Eddington’s stellar theory.[3] At lower temperatures the assumed molecular weight may not apply, however.[4] Are the “giant” and “dwarf” stars distinguishable by their spectral type or not?[5] At equal mass the latter ought to show a larger gravitational effect than the for- mer,[6] and similarly among the “giant st[ars],” A and B’s gravitational effect will be larger than M and K’s due to the much higher density (sm[aller] radius).[7] Best regards, yours, A. Einstein. 9. To Karl Scheel [17 March 1919] [Not selected for translation.] 10. To Paul Ehrenfest [Berlin,] 22 March 1919 Dear Ehrenfest,[1] For so long have I, beast that I am, not answered your heartwarming invitation! But that was because I did not know whether I ought to say yes or no. I so much want to see you all, you know, but on the other hand, traveling is so dreadful, par- ticularly for someone with queasy insides. (By the way, I’m feeling very well, relatively.)[2] I would also very much like to meet Bohr, this person of such mag- nificent intuitive talent.[3] But it cannot be. For in January–February I lectured in Switzerland for 4 weeks and must lecture there for 4 weeks again in the summer.[4] I cannot be away from here even more without it becoming indecent. Besides, I am very much behind with my course here, partly because of the Zurich lectures, partly because many courses here had to be canceled as a result of the university’s closing following the unrest.[5] Finally, I am passionately occupied with a problem in gen- eral relativity that, night or day, won’t leave me in peace.[6] Politics disappoint me
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