D O C . 2 8 A P R I L 1 9 1 9 2 3 very different). Vermeil carried out on my behalf the analysis explicitly in Lor- entz’s form, and Fokker himself also later confirmed to me the correctness of my interpretation (as I formulated it in my July note in connection with formula (42)).[7] Most cordial regards from yours very truly, Klein. 28. To Hendrik A. Lorentz Berlin, 26 April 1919 Highly esteemed Colleague, Surely you will remember the depressing conversations we had together, 3 years ago in Holland, about the war atrocities.[1] The memory of your lively concern with these terrible things encourages me to present the following to you. A commission has been formed here by a few private individuals that has set for itself the task of scrupulously examining the accusations that have been publicized abroad, and were found to be justified, about Germany’s conduct of the war,[2] by means of official documents here and, if possible, by foreign ones as well, and of publishing the results here. I myself am on the commission, along with five other people whose absolute honesty and genuine convictions and sense of justice I can vouch for.[3] In order to acquire material to serve as a basis (a reference) for our claim and, where possible, documentary evidence, we must expand our commission member- ship to residents of foreign neutral countries. We would be happy if you, esteemed colleague, would join the commission. For, your great experience in human affairs as well as your name would be exceptionally useful to our endeavor. If, however, you do not wish to do this for any reason, I ask that you please refer me to someone in Holland who in your view would be willing and able to join our cause in the man- ner described. I believe the horrendous hatred will disintegrate gradually only when the bare truth is uncovered. There are many thoroughly honorable people here who consider all these serious claims to be tendentious lies, to the extent that they have filtered down to them in subdued form it is our goal to enlighten such people. Heartfelt greetings, yours very truly, A. Einstein.
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