D O C . 2 3 3 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 1 9 7 our first paper that asymmetries in the lines cause the smaller shift in earlier investigations[3] and they additionally offer satellite lines as the explanation for these asymmetries. The fact that all previous analyses had to yield too small values for the shift fol- lows surprisingly simply from Rowland’s assignment of the lines belonging to- gether. His tables, which are used by us as well as by the other observers,[4] have an inherent selection criterion with a preference for a zero shift, since Rowland knew nothing about any displacement effect.[5] We can add here that this selection criterion must become most disturbingly noticeable wherever the measured wave- length value alone can be applied as the criterion for the grouping and not the line’s characteristic appearance in the solar and comparison spectrum. This applies par- ticularly to the faint lines. So it is no wonder if, as many researchers contend, these faint lines exhibit no shift.[6] Renewed measurements with the microphotometer, as we would have liked to have carried out at the same time, were unfortunately not done, because it turned out that the instrument still had a fault in the screw as a consequence of a mechan- ical imperfection. Mr. Freundlich discovered this fault at the same time as we did and has meanwhile rectified it our plates were already made, however, and we have not been able to repeat the exposures yet.[7] We hope soon to have an opportunity to carry out these measurements, whereby the precision of our current result can perhaps be increased somewhat further. We send you our cordial wishes for the New Year and remain most respectfully, L. Grebe A. Bachem. 233. To Heinrich Zangger [Berlin,] Christmas Eve. [24 December 1919] Dear friend Zangger, I believe I wrote you not in as friendly a manner recently as you truly deserve.[1] It leaves me no peace I must thus write again today. My mother is coming over here in just a few days. There were still great difficulties to overcome, since we had to look for rooms in the building.[2] Otherwise, all is well, only that due to the news- paper clamor about the solar eclipse, people are pestering me very much. Everyone wants an article, a talk, a photograph, etc. this business reminds one of the tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but it is harmless tomfoolery.[3] My colleagues and local officials credit me highly for not chasing after prosperity but stolidly sitting it out here instead. Ever since things have been going badly for the people here,
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