D O C . 6 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 1 9 5 To Mr. Anschütz many thanks for the invitation.[5] It is very welcome that Edgar Meyer is having Ehrenhaft’s experiments thor- oughly rechecked for us. That the charges of a single particle are integral multiples [of e] is already completely secured.[6] Another local physicist has carefully remea- sured the magnetic gyroscope effect he found only half the theoretical value.[7] It’s teeming here with (hungry) theoreticians. Abraham is here. Laue is soon coming over, Debye also wanted to come.[8] They are all looking forward to Epstein.[9] 6. Divorce Decree Zurich, 14 February 1919 Zurich Local Court Section II At its hearing of 14 February 1919, which was attended by the local magistrates E. Lang, Vice President, Drs. Huber and Bänninger, as well as the Substitute Court Clerk: E. Wild, In Re Mrs. Mileva Einstein née Marit, b[orn] 1875, originally from Novi Sad (Hungary) cop. 1903, Mosaic,[1] residing at 59 Gloria Street, Zurich 7, Plaintiff, represented by Prosecuting Attorney Zürcher, Zurich 7, versus Professor Albert Einstein, b. 1879, of Zurich, Mosaic, residing at Ha- berland Street, No. 5, in Berlin, curr. at Sternwarte Boarding House, Hoch Street, Zurich 7, Defendant, concerning D i v o r c e on the point at issue: “Can the marriage between the litigants be dissolved on the basis of Art. 137 of the C[ivil] C[ode]?”[2] based on the following facts and legal grounds: I. The parties were wedded on 6 January 1903 in Berne.[3] They had joint marital residence until June 1914 in Switzerland, lastly in Zurich. Since that time they have in fact been living separately.[4]
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