D O C . 2 7 2 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 2 5 If you should be unable to come on to England, I would make every effort to meet you in Holland. I am sorry that I sent the message to you and troubled you prematurely but Mr. Ludlam’s visit seemed such an excellent opportunity. Yours very sincerely, A.S. Eddington. 272. From Paul Ehrenfest [Leyden,] 21 January 1920 Dear Einstein, Lorentz and I were enormously pleased to receive news from you again, at last.[1] You can imagine that we were very worried that everything could be going awry again, that you were ill or otherwise encumbered.[2] Now all is well. “Ether and Relativity” is excellently chosen.[3] Problem: Shouldn’t you have the thing printed directly in Germany? Perhaps Springer Publishers, for you know that tradi- tion has it that the speech be sent out in a few hundred copies (usually on the evening of the same day or soon thereafter) to all professors at Leyden and all col- leagues at the other universities and libraries. Now, this should not cost you a penny, of course!!—So agree with Springer that he give you 400–500 unpaid copies and specifically those copies with a special title page (Dutch) and a second pagina “Ad- dresses” to Lorentz, etc. (insofar as you feel like it!!!)[4] Herglotz would be excel- lent help for you. See my inaugural speech in the Dutch edition.[5] And as a premi- um, grant him in exchange a few privileges re. further reprintings of the speech. For, this speech will find a huge market. I’d love most to contact your wife finally regarding publication of your things! It is your children’s property that is in- volved!– As concerns the Dutch title page and possible acknowledgments, we can arrange that at the last minute, but as to the printing of the speech itself, take care of that as early as possible.– Calculate with a speaking time of 45–50 minutes. (You won’t have any black- board or such, you can’t even use your hands—they’re tucked inside your toga!!) Greetings to both of you—yours, Ehrenfest The redshift is fine indeed![6]
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