1 9 0 D O C . 2 2 2 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 of just repeating that our family made no sacrifices that could be felt to the least degree as such. Nothing but a feeling of pure joy prevails about your coming and your presence, and the couple days of festivities remain so brightly and warmly in our memories that we are convinced that the debt of gratitude weighs much more heavily on our side. It would be nice if this visit had been just one installment of a series and we heartily hope that later you would quite often feel the need for relax- ation in the tranquillity of a Mecklenburger small town.[3] How welcome you would be to us! I thank you, now, very much also for forwarding Drill’s effusions in the Frank- furter Zeitung! It is indeed simply funny and I could not get irritated by it.[4] On the other hand, I was not put in the playful mood necessary to be able to make a rather witty reply to the article, and so I gladly follow your advice, which surely is the best, and shall not try to refute Mr. Drill and his proof of the energy principle from the substantiality of baloney [Wurst].[5] I wrote to Born in this sense as well and I think he will agree. It certainly is not necessary to defend the worldview of relativ- ity theory and Born’s representation of it against Mr. Drill’s philosophy.[6] To the discerning reader, that philosophy will anyway be—baloney the sheer tasteless- ness of the exposition shows what to think of it. Now I have a few requests. First, I would like to ask you whether you noticed any more places in need of improvement in the 2nd edition of Space and Time.[7] For that edition is sold out and I would be exceedingly grateful to you for any point- ers and desiderata from which the 3rd edition, the manuscript of which I have to deliver as soon as possible, could benefit. The second request regards a professor from Heidelberg called Olschki,[8] a friend of the archeologist Pagenstecher whom you met here at our home.[9] Olschki is traveling to Berlin tomorrow and, since he has an extraordinary admiration for you, he would like to ask for permission to pay you a visit. The Pagenstechers asked me to write you now, if your schedule allows you, to give a few minutes to this man, to receive him kindly and not turn him away when he calls on you. He is a neo- Latinist and his occupation with ideas by Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci, etc., the historical inquiry of which is his specialty, sparked a glowing interest in him for the theory of relativity, which has motivated him to study mathematics for some time now and fills him with highest enthusiasm for you. I also made his personal ac- quaintance once, and find him a very kind person and therefore gladly support this request by our friends.– My wife and both children ask me to relay their very cordial greetings. I join them with the request that you kindly give my compliments to your esteemed wife, and remain in warmest admiration and gratitude, yours sincerely, M. Schlick.
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