D O C . 6 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 1 9 7 5. Prof. Einstein shall provide that 20,000.– marks be deposited at a German bank, the interest of which shall be paid out to Mrs. M. Einstein after his death, in the event that Prof. Einstein is not awarded the Nobel Prize. 6. Mrs. Mileva Einstein shall assume the care of the children and shall exercise all aspects of parental authority—obviously within the constraints of the legal regulations. She shall obligate herself to entrust the children to their father while he is sojourning in Switzerland during the school holidays. 7. Upon initiation of the divorce proceedings, Mrs. Einstein shall submit this Agreement to the judge for approval. There is no cause to alter this Agreement, which takes the interests of the Plain- tiff and the children generously into account. In re. No. 3 of the Agreement it must just be mentioned that the Defendant is, as a matter of course, obligated to make the alimony contributions regularly in accor- dance with existing practice and in equally large quarterly installments. IV. At the close of these proceedings the Defendant, as the defeated party, is to carry the costs. The Plaintiff has waived litigation damages.– The Court has decided: The disciplinary penalty of 10 francs imposed on the Defendant by Court Order of 20 November 1918 is rescinded & thereupon decreed: 1. On the basis of Art. 137 of the C.C., the marriage between the parties is dis- solved. 2. The Defendant is restrained from entering into a new marriage for the period of two years, reckoned as of this decision’s coming into legal force. 3. The issue from this marriage, the boys Hans Albert and Eduard, are granted into the custody of the Plaintiff for their care and education. 4. The settlement reached by the parties on 12 June 1918 regarding the further consequences of the divorce is approved. 5. The court fee is fixed at 100 francs.– centimes the remaining charges entail: Citation fee, copying charges, seal, postage. 6. The charges are imposed on the Defendant. 7. Written notice to the parties, as well as order issuance upon this decision tak- ing effect, to the Zurich City Council and to the Marriage Registrars of Zurich and
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