D O C . 6 4 J U N E 1 9 1 9 5 3 corrupted.[3] No militarist can believe more fanatically in the sanctifying power of war than Sorel, also in the violent conflicts of the general strike. This is where the strongest resistance can be expected—as I said—against us and the whole thing. And there is no escaping it we must resist it from the start. The “faith” must remain victorious, even first gain victory by tearing itself away from the “myth” “hunger” for freedom should not lead to robbery, “justified defiance” should wrest power not by illegal but by legal means—through nothing but tenacious adherence to justice, which, although it does not obtain freedom, alone guarantees the possibility to ob- tain same. It is therein that we must take sides not with the proletariat but with the “intellectuals” among the proletariat.[4] To do so, however, we demand the renun- ciation of violence: not out of cowardice, I think, for there is danger enough for our- selves either way. But more serious danger exists for the cause even if we leave the way open (albeit as a warning) to violence. I have received only 2 proofs now. As soon as you provide your signature, I shall hopefully be able to send you a larger number of them so you can send them to those you think would sign them. Would you in that case inform me of the number of cop[ies] you may need, also perhaps the most important names, so that we do not needlessly send them to the same people from many quarters? The preliminary steps are still somewhat uncertain. We first of all want to make the procl[amation] directly to the var[ious] socialist groups.[5] But we are also con- templating to announce the procl. at the meetings of different [political] parties. If you know important persons in Berlin who would be suitable and willing to do this, I would be especially grateful. Up to now I only know my former pupil, Dr. Lemke, who is in touch with socialist circles, esp. [of the] socialist student body.[6] But a lot depends on winning over energetic persons who have dared to approach the frontline itself, coming from academic or else acad. educated or even writer–artist– educator circles, initially those of some repute and personal standing, primarily of intellectual standing. If you know of any such individuals at other universities or in otherwise important cities as well, this [information] likewise would be most wel- come. Your gen. approval by telegraph would be appreciated I would then also request a word by letter on the factual and tactical questions addressed above. This matter is perpetually on my mind. The main reason for the delay was that each one of us first had to fight a difficult inner struggle, in heart as well as in mind, to arrive at a clear picture and that, in the rush of events, the questions reappeared in ever new and serious forms. I believe, though, that I now see my way more clear- ly. It would be a joy to me and to us all to have you in particular on our side. I am also sending at the same time the earlier essay “Ein Weg der Rettung” [“A Path to Salvation”] in expanded form,[7] in elaboration of the matter discussed above. With best regards, yours very truly, P. Natorp.
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