2 7 6 D O C . 3 3 0 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 to work.[2] Guillaume’s notice is stupid, like everything this man dashes off about relativity.[3] My booklet published by Vieweg is a popular account, thus probably not well suited to your purpose. It has not appeared in French yet but is presently coming out in English.[4] For the purpose you have in mind, it may well be commendable to translate into French a collection of monographs on the special and general the- ories of relativity, which O. Blumenthal is publishing at Teubner under the title Das Relativitätsprinzip.[5] My main papers are in there, too. A really good introduction to the theory of relativity for physicists does not, in fact, exist yet. That is why I have in mind to produce an edition of my lectures. But I still have to write them out first.[6] I am glad that you have won over Debye for the Polytechnic.[7] He is outstanding in every way and at the height of his productivity. Now I would like to approach you about two other men, each of whom would be of truly great profit to Switzerland: 1. M. Schlick, currently a private lecturer of philosophy at Rostock. In the past few years this still young man published a book on epistemology as well as a little book on the theory of relativity (Springer Verlag), both of which excited my admi- ration.[8] His clear style reminds one of Stuart Mill.[9] I am writing you this be- cause, as rumor has it, Medicus eventually intends to leave Zurich.[10] He is in quite precarious circumstances and, as a non-Kantian, modern-thinking person and a pacifist, he has little prospect of a German philosophy professorship. Nationalistic considerations would be thoroughly misplaced with this very exquisite and com- pletely internationally oriented person. 2. The very well-known and original Viennese biologist Paul Kammerer finds himself in such dire straits that he is essentially deprived of any opportunity to work. I personally cannot vouch for the importance of his achievements, obviously: this others must judge, but I do want to point him out to you.[11] As he is known as an internationalist, he [too] has little prospect of a professorship in Germany. Thus is the political mentality of academics assuming the form of blind obstinacy.[12] Such a thing cannot change, just die out. The broader public, howev- er, is free of political passion. Cordial greetings also to your wife,[13] yours.
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