3 2 6 D O C . 3 9 0 A P R I L 1 9 2 0 then send a duplicate with his signature, which I shall forward to you directly upon receipt. I would be very obliged if you would send the enclosed document back to me, if possible, immediately in the return post so that this formality be completed as soon as possible. For Methuen writes me: “It goes without saying, that the completion of any one of the three contracts de- pends upon all three of them being signed.” Mine I have sent back to Methuen today and I am sending the one intended for Vieweg in the same post to Braunschweig. The three contracts are almost identical- ly formulated in the common sections and you will see that, as concerns the Engl. edition, the conditions are in accordance with your letter to me from 7 Feb. 1920.[2] That our conditions regarding the Amer. edition have been accepted on the whole I only learned today from a letter by Methuen. I am very sorry that this matter has been delayed so much. But there was some misunderstanding somewhere, which has now apparently been rectified. A number of my recently written letters to Ger- many have got lost and I hope that the post works better at the moment and that everything looks better in Germany than a couple of weeks ago.[3] It is such a pity that living conditions there are so hard that it is very difficult to make any progress. On the 17th inst. I received your telegram and answered on the same day.[4] Have you received my 4 letters (since 22 Feb. 1920)?[5] The translation was very enjoy- able for me and is now (apart from the addenda) virtually finished. I am sending it (without addenda, for now) to Methuen at the beginning of next week. Would you like to see the proofs? or one of the original manuscripts? You will, I hope, pardon me if I again ask you for the following: 1. If possible a frontispiece portrait of you for the translation. 2. A brief overview of your curriculum vitae so that I can write an introductory paragraph on it. 3. A foreword to the Engl. edition I believe that would be the right thing what do you think, Professor? 4. The addendum on the results of the solar eclipse expedition and the experi- ments on the redshift of spectrum lines, as we discussed earlier.[6] As you see from the enclosed advertisements, Methuen wants to publish the book in May already and thus it would be very desirable if the above contributions arrived at this address as soon as possible. Both Methuen and I are very much in favor of having these contributions added and I hope you also will have nothing against it. They would, without a doubt, be an additional attraction to the public not to be underestimated.
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