D O C U M E N T 5 0 J U N E 1 9 2 0 1 8 9
We are going to invite the following physicists to the conference:
Barkla, Bohr, de Broglie, Ehrenfest, Einstein, de Haas, Jeans, Langevin, Larmor,
Millikan, Perrin, Richardson, J. J. Thomson, Weiss, Zeeman; additionally, either
Siegbahn or Vegard; I am asking Bohr to decide
Hence, with the members of the science committee, altogether 25 participants;
we do not want to exceed this number so that the meeting stays of as intimate a na-
ture as possible.
It would please me very much to hear from you that we may count on you. If that
be the case, I shall take the liberty of returning, in the coming weeks, to the arrange-
ments and scope of the reports.
With cordial regards from both of us, yours faithfully,
H. A. Lorentz.
50. From Arthur Schoenflies
F[rankfurt-am-]Main 59, 3 Grillparzer St. [between 9 June and 28 July
Esteemed Colleague,
Unfortunately it is probably quite certain that we will have to relinquish our Max
Born to the Göttingers. Thus the question arises, who should become his
We do have Stern in the first place, whom you already know from
your Zurich
and about whom I have an excellent opinion. Other parties are
pointing in particular to Kossel in Munich. Finally, Lenz should probably also be
In any case, may I be so free as to turn to you with a request
that you give your opinion on the three gentlemen named. It is, of course, destined
for the faculty. But I would like to hear in what order the three should be nominated,
according to your judgment, and what you think of the individuals in particular. It
goes without saying that I would be very much obliged to you for any other recom-
mendation of any distinguished person within our reach. No consultations have tak-
en place yet; I am writing entirely at my own volition. As you may know, I am
always for the younger gentlemen who allow room for promising development and
after some time may be counted among the leading figures. I shall be very grateful
for anything you could advise me in this regard.
You have learned from Prof. Fricke in Braunschweig that we are planning a
meeting of phys. and math. on relativity for [Bad]
I personally am
driven by the thought that the Entente people are planning for September—
apparently almost simultaneously with us—an internat. math. congress in Stras-
bourg and that we are therefore honor bound to draw up the most prominent pro-
gram possible for
You offered, as Fricke writes me—I am the
introductory speaker—to answer questions that are posed to you in
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