D O C U M E N T 2 0 3 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 0 3 1 1
sonalities. In order that the whole action not be hushed up by the current Hungarian
masters, I would also like to receive a copy for publication. This business is ex-
tremely urgent, since the verdict is expected at the end of November, latest begin-
ning of
My husband is bearing his fate with the calmness and circumspection of an ear-
nest person, continues his scientific work as long as he is able, and regards the
whole thing as a natural course of history. He has the conscience that for deeper
reasons he could not have done otherwise and is taking the consequences of his
honest actions with a simplicity that contains neither a martyr’s pose nor remorse-
fulness. For economic reasons he is an advocate of organized production, and for
love of mankind an adherent of a fairer system of distribution. At the Charlotten-
burg polytechnic one will still recall the excellent student Josef Klein (Kelen is the
Magyarized form); he also sought to transmit his knowledge at the free school for
workers in Berlin, to those who were in a lesser position to attend
always lived very humbly and worked with dedication and selflessly in science and
society, without considering the consequences. He did not particularly distinguish
himself politically during the dictatorship.
I tell you all this in order to give you as intimate an impression as possible of my
husband’s character.
With sincere thanks and gratitude, in full awareness of the greatness of the honor
granted us,
Jolán Kelen-Fried
203. To John G. Hibben
Berlin, 14 November 1920
Highly esteemed Mr. President,
After returning from a longer trip I find your friendly invitation to Princeton
University, which our colleague Mr. Eisenhart conveyed to me in your
am inclined, in principle, to follow this invitation, but not until fall 1921, since I
cannot make myself free before then. I would then embark for America in Septem-
It would be very enjoyable for me to become acquainted with your economically
and politically highly developed country, whose importance in world development
is constantly on the rise.
I suggest that I deliver throughout two months a related series of lectures on rel-
ativity theory, three lectures per week. As honorarium I suggest 15,000 dollars (fif-
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