D O C U M E N T 2 5 3 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0 3 4 7
of November. Anschütz is back in Munich
I propose definite dates only so
that you do not shift the business to the familiar calendas
and I otherwise
agree in advance to any counterproposal of yours.
I hear from Anschütz that you received 2,000 marks in
we can give you
that too. Now I will probably have to give the lecture at the Engineers Association
myself, for better or for
(I will probably do it rather worse than better).
When I see how irascibly I respond to unqualified questions regarding relativity
links, then I can imagine the rage that you yourself eventually must feel at that.
That you are not angry at me about the citations from your letters, which I gather
from your silence about that, is a relief for me. They simply fit too well in my flow
Will the new year bring the electron problem to maturity? That is probably the
next and perhaps the largest fruit of rel.
Herzfeld’s idea is the following, very superficially described and without guar-
antee that I am relaying it to you
Upon magnetic reversal of a ferromag-
netic atom, radiation is emitted into the ether; however, this emission carries with
it (according to the general rules relating energy and momentum) just half of the
change in momentum that corresponds to a change in the electrons’ orbital sense;
only the other half goes onto the magnet. Herzfeld wants to verify the presence of
this radiation experimentally (frequency as for wirel[ess] telegr.). This can take a
good while yet; so I ask you please not to breathe a word about it for the time being.
It will be a big thing, if everything works.
I am in suspense about Bohr’s new atom
In my opinion, he is a man of
rare intellectual and personal charm.
With best regards, yours,
A. Sommerfeld.
Poor Rümelin has died of gastric ulcers, intrinsically harmless ones, but with a rup-
ture into the abdominal membrane. How good that you took proper care of yourself
in time, which Rümelin did not
253. From Jewish Community of Berlin
Berlin N. 24, 2 Oranienburger St., 30 December 1920
To Professor Albert Einstein, Schöneberg, Berlin, 5 Haberland St.
To your obliging correspondence of the 22nd of this
we reply that, accord-
ing to local law, membership in a cultural community does not presuppose a dec-
laration of membership. Rather, every Jew is obligated, by force of law, to be a
taxpaying member of that Jewish community in whose district he resides. Pursuant
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