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232. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
[Berlin,] 15 December 1920
My Dears,
In the near future, some more money will be reaching you, which I was able to
turn into ready
I did receive your letter, d[ear] Albert. It’s a pity, though,
that all of you are being so badly
In my opinion, you definitely should
go to Darmstadt. There is a good polytechnic there, and not only could you all live
much better there than in Zurich but also make substantial savings, whereas now
virtually all of my income is being spent on providing a meager living for you in
Every expert with whom I discuss this finds this situation a screaming
disgrace and me foolish. In this way not a single penny is being saved up and if I
die there will be nothing. I even had to take out loans in Swiss currency so that I
can give you the bare necessities.
I would prefer most to look for a furnished apartment for you all in Darmstadt
that you could maintain for yourselves and you would rent out your Zurich
furnished as well. That would be the most advantageous way. As soon
as you are decided, I’ll travel there to look for something suitable.
perhaps also go there so that everything is the way you yourselves want. Think it
over quietly. In Germany one gets more than twice as much for the franc than in
Switzerland and you will get just as much in francs as in Switzerland as long as I
Don’t think that living happily is only possible in Zurich. You would
have it much nicer and more comfortable there, quite disregarding that Albert and
would get a lot more out of me if we weren’t living so terribly far
Do speak with people sometime who aren’t so fanatically obsessed with
Your resistance to the change is so unnatural that I’ve been accused
here many times already of [neglecting] my responsibility by giving in. Why does
divorced Mrs. [Max] Wohlwend live here with her
(and many others from
Switzerland)? Just because she can live here much better than in Zurich; and added
to that, Darmstadt is undoubtedly considerably cheaper and more pleasant than
She chose Berlin because she wants to study music here.
In the summer I am probably going to take a half-year lecturing trip to North
How nice it would be if we could see each other beforehand. Every-
thing would be better if you all lived closer by.
Food is available here for you as much as you want for less money than in
Why else are there export
With the money that you
have available here you could live perfectly well.
So don’t be so obstinate, instead, write soon in agreement to your
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