D O C U M E N T S 5 3 , 5 4 J U N E 1 9 2 0 1 9 3
appreciated by astronomers; in any case, I believe that Julius describes many things
more naturally with his theory than is commonly achieved on the basis of the Dop-
With best regards, yours very truly,
A. Einstein.
53. From Moritz Schlick
Rostock, 23 Orléans St., 12 June 1920
Dear, most esteemed Professor,
When I wrote my last
I unfortunately did not have the causality article
itself at hand, only in my
Just now I received the rel[evant] issue of the
Naturwissenschaften from the publisher and I find upon rereading the article that
my formulations were indeed more unfavorable than they had appeared to me in
my imagination. The essentials of this article are supposed to be incorporated into
a future natural philosophy; on that occasion I shall be able to add the necessary
In hope of favorable news conc[erning] your
and with cordial regards
also from my family, yours in sincere gratitude,
M. Schlick
54. From Willem H. Julius
[Utrecht,] 13 June 1920
Dear Colleague,
That was a nice surprise! We are all immensely pleased to be in possession of
this excellent picture and thank you very cordially for
It will take turns adorn-
ing the music room and study in our new apartment.
I still cannot abandon the idea that, by a suitable introduction of selective radia-
tion pressure on gaseous molecules, the apparent contradiction between the general
theory of relativity and the results of observations of line displacements will some-
how be
But I do not want to molest you again with my further consid-
erations before they are somewhat matured, and so will first speak about it
sometimes with Ehrenfest or Lorentz; they are better accustomed to my blunders.
Ornstein considers the idea appropriate and feasible, as far as he can see up to
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