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145. To Willem and Betsy Julius
[Berlin,] 11 September 1920
Dear Colleague and dear Mrs. Julius,
I note from your
with deep regret that you have much misfortune and
many unpleasant times behind you. Thus it is doubly nice of you to have such lively
sympathy for the little
regarding my public life. Actually, I was rather
ashamed of myself for having allowed that little rumpus to upset me. I even let my-
self go so far as to write a reply in the newspaper, for which our dear Ehrenfest has
already quite legitimately given me a good dressing
Now my opponents
have even come up with the amusing idea of enlisting my dear friends in their
You can imagine how much I laughed at this report of yours and how
vividly I pictured the grim fury of my dear colleague Julius! I have long since found
the comical side of the campaign and do not take it at all seriously anymore.
But I do feel terribly sorry that you went through such trying times, not only
from the odious move but also from ill health. I keenly hope that all of you are
healthy and happy again when this letter arrives and that at the end of next month
we can spend worry-free and cheerful hours together again. (I am so unsupersti-
tious, you see, that I really and truly believe I will actually deliver my stale old ser-
mon about the ether
That disrespectful comment that you, d[ear] Mrs.
Julius, made about your own piano playing thoroughly scandalized me; then I
imagined the expression you were likely to be making as you wrote such an insult.
But that was too hard for my power of imagination. Nonetheless, I did believe I
would see an impish smile as opposed to any look of deep humility.–
Regardless of how everything else may be, I am heartily looking forward to see-
ing all four of
again soon. In the meantime, sincere wishes for your health
and well-being from your
146. From Paul Ehrenfest
11 September 1920
Dear Einstein,
Thanks very much for your
1. The two physicists are now here with me and we are currently making every
effort to help my friends obtain books and
Lorentz and Onnes are
—Please beg for some books and offprints for us at the
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