D O C U M E N T 2 1 3 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 0 3 1 7
write us and the Zürchers, you know, that you could continue the transfers for the
Why do you write something else now, yet again?
I’m having no great success with my hunt for patents because such a detail isn’t
patented yet and I can’t gather from anything how the current organs are built, for
if a firm is manufacturing it now already, then it can’t be patented, can it?
Otherwise we are doing quite well, I hope you are, too. Now Christmas will be
here soon, and vacation.
Many greetings from
P.S. I hope you don’t hold this letter against me again. It’s not meant to be nasty in
any way and because I’m not yet used to writing such letters you will surely under-
stand when sometimes it doesn’t come out as I want it to.
213. From Walther Nernst
Berlin, 26a Am Karlsbad, 28 November 1920
Dear Colleague,
Enclosed I’m sending you the two H2-papers by me and by Dr.
will find my special theory of gas degeneration in my monograph on the heat
p. 167, general discussion pp. 157–162; specifically, I show p. 161, fig.
21, how extremely simply and transparently the liquid-vapor balance results, with-
out any chemical constant, from variation in the spec. heats of gases at low
Certain unclear points which, e.g., are also attached to Stern’s first
paper—1913, Physik.
—are thereby probably eliminated. E.g., the zero-
point energy that Stern spoke about has nothing to do with these thermodynamic
It might interest you that Tammann has established isomerism in mixed crystals,
applying various arrangements in many sorts of
Below the melting
point it disappears quite rapidly. If E is the energy content at equilibrium of the
mixed crystal modification and E is that of any other modification, and if at the
high temperature T the compensation happens very rapidly, then the first law of
thermodynamics yields
(c and c the molecular heat). At T, naturally, c = c.
The second law of thermodynamics probably does not offer anything here, but
my heat theorem possibly furnishes (because Q0 =
ET Q0 c c dT
= =
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