2 2 6 D O C U M E N T 9 6 A U G U S T 1 9 2 0
One more thing: Max wants to stay 2 days in Nauheim so that he can join his
colleagues in the evening. Do you want to do the same? Or would you rather always
drive over there (in 1 hour) from here? Should we alternatively reserve a room for
you, and for how many days? But in any event, you will still be staying with us be-
fore and afterwards! No god can help you out of that! We are traveling on August
6 via Munich, Merano, Bolzano, to Sulden, Sulden Hotel, Tyrol (Italy), properly
equipped with passports and liras. Your wife still wanted to write
when you’ll
be traveling to southern Germany; how is she doing, and her daughters?
Very cordial greetings to all of you, from your faithful
Max and Hedi Born.
Very strictly confidential: [Laue] seems to want to leave Berlin; what’s going on?
He asked [Wachsmuth] to appoint him back here because he’s not happy with his
position in B. He was purportedly just extraord. Prof. and with extraord. salary.
That simply isn’t
96. To Eduard Einstein
[Berlin,] 1 August 1920
Dear Tete,
Your long letter with the sweet pictures delighted
It also often hurts me
that I have so little of both of you. But I am a very busy man and can leave here
Additionally, under the current difficult conditions it is too ex-
pensive for me in Switzerland. I certainly am glad, though, if I can support you
But now I am enthusiastic about seeing you both on October 5 in Benzin-
gen near
We’ll be staying either with the priest
who is a
good friend of mine, or with a local lady, whom he has recommended to us. I am
hoping that we can be together there for at least 10 days. Then I have to travel to
Holland in order to give a
the exact time is not fixed for me, though; it
all just has to be in
The two of us were so rarely together that I hardly
know you at all, even though I am your
I’m sure you have only a quite
vague idea of me too. But I’ll make an effort to change that. In part it comes from
your having been ill so
So we’ll be meeting in Sigmaringen. If you both
could come a couple of days earlier, that would be very nice. Find out sometime
exactly when your fall vacation starts and then write me about it. It’s nice that you
are a good pupil; writing neatly was a weak spot for me
Don’t be too ambi-
tious in school. It does no harm when other pupils are better than
I’m very
much looking forward to our conversations together. I know Albert’s interests quite
precisely, because I spent almost a month together with him last year, you
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