6 4 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 6 1 g , 3 6 4 a
he devours whatever he gets hold of. I am sending Ilse and Margot a picture of the
boys I arranged to have taken here, which has come out
Greetings & a kiss from your
Vol. 8, 361g. To Heinrich Zangger
[Arosa,] Friday. [20 July 1917]
Dear Zangger,
We had a fine time here. Sunday evening we are returning. I’m happy that Tete
looks so well; he lends an impression of complete health. Perhaps just the overac-
tivity is
I like your booklet very much. But in my slow way I only
managed to read through a little over half of
My mode of life was quite in
accordance with regulation and no suspicious signs of life inside made themselves
noticeable, either. Albert is a healthy, alert, and independent fellow; I had many
occasions to delight in
He hasn’t yet been infected with the pallor of con-
Cordial greetings to you and yours, from your
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 364a. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Tuesday, before departure to Lucerne. Train station. [24 July 1917]
Dear Else,
Many thanks for letters. I’m writing continually, aren’t I. Rebukes not justified.
Albert is coming along to
Health impeccable. Pain not even
to the Dresd[ener] Bank and press for immediate execution of money
My ex-wife is in
Soon I’ll not have anything left, either. Please ar-
range right away to have the remittance from the L.V.G. aeronautical company
deposited in my account at the
Please adhere to the termination notice of
I cannot approve of your steps toward extending the lease; I gladly
take the opportunity to move close to you
Please inform Mr. Abbé of
I did not pay any visits in Zurich, but yesterday I went sailing with Albert for
hours. He can already do the crabbing technique. If only you could be here as well;
it’s so lovely in Switzerland. The food-supply calamity is threatening here also,
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