D O C U M E N T 2 1 8 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0 3 2 1
if one may use these two words for such a harmless proceeding, must approximate-
ly balance each other out. And now Mr. Reichenbach is standing on one side with
perhaps scathing but by no means devastating criticism, and on the other side we
have (you forbade me so often from complimenting you that I will suppress any
qualifier) Mr. Einstein with a recommendation that looks like an advertisement.
You know that I always completely naturally comply with any wish you express,
but here I have to say no for the first time and I hope you will not be cross with me
for it on the basis of the arguments I just made.
With best regards, yours very truly,
A. Berliner.
218. From Paul Winteler
Lucerne, 1 December 1920
Dear Albert,
The promised letter was a bit late in coming, but now I can communicate to you
in more detail what I have to say.
The money from Zurich will be remitted to me in the coming days. That is why
I’m asking you what I should do with it; I’m still waiting for your
As far as we are concerned, we have the intention of moving away from Lucerne
next spring; it concerns no more and no less than my retirement (with c. 42% of my
salary); and specifically I am very content, owing to [ugly] personal relations that
have arisen, because through this unusual fact at my age I would be a free person
who can pitch his tents wherever living is cheap or where additional earnings can
We are naturally making all kinds of plans and are not thinking of loaf-
ing about; on the contrary, now the stimulus to work is aroused more than under the
ambitious opportunists whom I would ultimately have had to serve as a shoeshine.
Maja is participating insofar as in the event of my death she retains her half of the
pension for
It was only for the sake of this pension that I stayed in this job
for so
Because my thoughts are now wandering to various options, you can also see
that I’m thinking of you in particular, as well. I have long thought that you have not
drawn the material fruits of your scientific labors that are quite naturally your due.
It really must be somewhat uncomfortable for you to have me request advances in
Zurich for you; furthermore, to have worries that it isn’t always possible for you to
meet your obligations toward your first wife in
spec[ifically], whereas ev-
erything could have been organized much more favorably for you and your peace
of mind. In the end you do have 2 families to think of and that is no easy
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