D O C U M E N T S 2 0 , 2 1 M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 6 5
to the bad conveyances. I haven’t written as diligently as usual, because I had little
time. But from now on it will be different. I want to look for a pretty card for little
Margot; I haven’t found one that was pretty enough yet.
Greetings & kisses to young &
from your
20. From Elsa Einstein
[before 20 May
My dear Beloved!
Your languishing violin will be liberated in the speediest way
silly, overly truthful and helpless child! Such a thing shouldn’t [ever] happen. It
was your violin that you have been playing for half a year now already and that you
take along with you on every trip. Didn’t you say so with any natural force of
persuasion? Really! (I got the export permit for the second violin at the same time.)
It will be dispatched from Bentheim. All’s well with us. I’m putting the house in
order and had much sewing to do. In addition I go out into the countryside more
now, I make time for it. Yesterday I was perched on the shores of Grunewald Lake,
gazing out over it; now there are a whole series of wooden benches directly by it,
[those] natural benches, a novelty that impressed me. The view from there is won-
derfully beautiful. Meanwhile you have received a laundry-basket full of corre-
spondence. Half the world is now buying the Struck picture and is sending it to you
so that you can immortalize yourself on
That will keep you nicely busy! Be-
sides that, you are being featured again in various humorous periodicals. I assem-
bled a splendid quartet for you: the two Weissgerbers, fine professional
and a talented female pianist. They are worthy of you!
I won’t write you any rules of conduct; they aren’t of any use, anyway. I gave up.
I’m glad that you are enjoying so many nice things among dear
but now
I’m already looking forward to your coming home.
Kisses! not greetings, like you send. Yours,
21. From Paul Winteler
[Lucerne, before 20 May
Dear Albert,
According to Elsa’s postcard you supposedly said that ignoble haggling was go-
ing on over Mama’s
Maja’s character is exactly yours and yours exactly
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