D O C U M E N T 1 0 M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 5 7
10. From Elsa Einstein
[after 9 May
My dear, darling Albert,
I’m at the export office daily; that’s a pretty tale to tell. Applying now for the
permit for one violin and petitioning for an export permit for another violin a short
time afterwards again is not
One can’t get a permit so often. It looks as
if we are in the musical instruments trade; then, misfortune would have it that
is held up over there still, too, with the exportation of her lute. Now the
violins have to be registered and transported separately, because one of them is be-
ing sent from
the other from Berlin. A lovely law came into effect
three days ago. 10% of the price of the object is to be paid as export
So I’ll
value the violin at 1,000 marks; I’ll put everything into having the one in Bentheim
go through as is, since it’s been in storage there for 10 days already, before the law
came into force. For the one here I’m paying 100 marks, postage and crate cost
around 30 marks. Insurance for the violin around 15 marks, therefore we have an-
other 145 marks in addition to the total I indicated recently in my postcard. I’ll cov-
er it for the time being.– What does Planck want of you? And Haber? It makes me
uneasy; why are they
So your socialist disposition is being held against
Even in
Do me a favor and don’t act like such a fu-
rious Socialist; you’re not one any more so than
and many others!
Please finally put an end to this stupid talk; at last, you’re regarded everywhere as
a raging revolutionary, even in
You’ll harm your public image more
than you can appreciate. If this inquiry were true and well-founded, then I wouldn’t
have anything against it! But this way it’s nonsense, enough to get fed up with. I
know perfectly well that in England, at least, they use your name somewhat ner-
vously. It’s bad enough that you aren’t getting the Nobel prize because of it; it
shouldn’t go any
A critical mind like you is not a communist!
Since your departure the weather has been ideal, never rainy, just sunshine and
clear skies. Now it’s beautiful even in Berlin in the Bavarian quarter, the puny little
front gardens between the rental blocks are [bursting] into beautiful blooms and so
it’s possible to see some finery even on our
Everywhere gold rain [Labur-
num], lilacs, and flowering almond.– I’m so glad that you’re having a good time.
And I’m looking forward to your coming back. But I’m also relaxing during your
absence. I’m so often outside and frequently sit out on your balcony. What a pity
for the fine asparagus that can’t be eaten by you. I feel so sorry every time I’m peel-
ing it, wanting to give it to you, good, dear fellow. You should use the suit that
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