5 2 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 4 4 a
2) It would undoubtedly be possible for me to intervene successfully from here
so that my sister-in-law Zora Maric;; receive the travel permit to
in your opinion, in that case, my wife could return to the apartment, I ask you please
to refrain from renting it
Albert could then be with his mother again. My sis-
ter-in-law is impeccably reliable and loves Miza and the children tenderly. So the
question is just whether my wife’s condition allows this solution. As soon as you
send me positive word I will immediately write my sister-in-law and take the nec-
essary steps with the authorities. I beg you to reply very soon so that I can make the
arrangements before my departure to Switzerland, which will take place in the first
few days of July.
I have the strong, well-founded suspicion that my ailment has not yet been quite
correctly diagnosed. I will tell you about this in Zurich. But please don’t tell Prof.
Boas anything about this
For this very well-meaning man shouldn’t be
upset. My sister wrote my cousin worriedly about my condition, whereupon
anxieties were generated here again. These things should stay between us, whose
nerves are more resilient.
I am very glad that the small-minded mischief-making against you is not finding
Cordial greetings from your crucifix unfortunately so troublesome
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 344a. To Hans Albert Einstein
[Berlin,] 26 May 1917
My dear Albert,
I am always so pleased to read your good and cheerful news and especially also
that Prof. Zangger and his family like
Now I will soon be coming to see
Together we’ll go to meet Tete in Arosa and be up there together for a week
That will be very nice. Do write me soon when your vacation begins so
that I can make my plans accordingly. I’m holding twice as many lectures in June
than before so that I’m finished by the 1st of July and can chug
I’m very
much looking forward to our conversations; you’re soon going to be a big son al-
ready, who can form his own opinions about everything he sees and hears. I am cur-
rently playing quite a lot of music, in a quartet,
Just be diligent with the piano
so that you gradually also learn how to play. Having lessons is less
Bullheads like us prefer to learn on our own.
I have few obligations and still so much
The scientific correspondence
alone keeps me quite busy, and then there are the calculations. The My health is
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