V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 6 4 b 6 5
I am leaving the handling of the taxes to my bank. I’m not filing a reim-
bursement claim because I also received unexpected payments
My children are both attached to me now with genuine fondness. But your and the
little minxes’ places of honor in my black soul are not jeopardized because of it! I
miss you all terribly much.
Heartfelt greetings to all of you (young &
and kisses to you from your
Among the “friends,” feelings toward you are very
Time heals all
wounds. Everywhere fine weather.
Vol. 8, 364b. To Elsa Einstein
Lucerne, Wednesday. [25 July 1917]
Dear Else,
I read the newspaper articles in the Frankfurter with sincere joy; dawn does
seem to be
Don’t worry all the time about my health. All things, possi-
ble and impossible, are being done. Yesterday Zangger came here especially to in-
I am feeling like a peach, at that; and I already look much better than
at my departure, am getting ideal fare, rest for the greater part of the day, and warm
my venerable belly three times daily with a hot-water
If only you all were
here. Margot would be quickly back to normal as well. I have a lot to study, both
professional and otherwise, and also plenty of correspondence. Do what you wish
with the
It is odd that the L.V.G. is still sending me
Please check
that the Dresdener Bank relays both cash remittances promptly to
It is scandalous how they are making me wait. Please write a little more clearly;
your letters are almost as hard to read as
Do you really seriously
advise me not to return soon? I planned to be back in Berlin before the 1st of Sep-
tember. And
Do come over there! Be enterprising and happy-go-
lucky! What has come over you to be so jittery all of a sudden? Now you’ll be the
mistress of the house for a
Is Blaschkina the Terrible still your only help?
The weather is fabulous, and if I were to follow my heart rather than my reason, I
should go hiking! My Albert is a great guy who brings me much joy; the ice has
Now, be cheerful, stop whining, and be kissed with the little minxes by your
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