V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 7 1 b 7 5
eating with all the conscientiousness a schoolmaster can
Otherwise, I am
reading Auch Einer [Another One of Those], a very droll
There are hefty
storms daily over here; I always think how charmingly afraid you all would be. To-
is on a mountain; he must have gotten thoroughly soaked. I am very
eager to see you all. Are you bringing Margot along, or are you coming alone?
(Where to?) Don’t allow our venture to fall
flat![5] Maja[6]
plays the piano splen-
didly; it is amazing what she has learned in her solitude. Today I helped her hang
up the laundry. Around the 25th I am traveling to Zurich and shall stay those few
days in the care of the Besso
address until departure: 33 Universitäts
St., Zurich.
Kisses also to Margot from your
Greetings to Uncle, the decampers, Kraft, I[lse]’s parents-in-law in non spe, your
new bosom
as well as my flames of the past, etc.
Vol. 8, 371b. To Elsa Einstein
[Lucerne,] Friday. [17 August 1917]
Dear Else,
The letter from Aunt and Margot just
I am traveling to Germany on
the 31st. I’m going to spend the night in
& drive onward on Sept. 1st.
Now there’s the problem that you probably can’t leave yet on September 1, because
Aunt and Ilse are
Or does it work anyway? I would be glad to wait for you
somewhere in
but can’t get anything to eat there, because I obviously
have no ration coupons and also have no change of address notice, which would
entitle me to obtain coupons. In the last days of August I’m going to be at
33 Universitäts St. in Zurich. If I receive news from you by letter with
meeting arrangements or a telegram from [you] to Besso’s address, I shall act ac-
cordingly. If not, no choice remains for me but to travel up to Berlin. But if you can
arrange it somehow, we’ll meet on
1 at a place indicated by you. I would
like it very much. Health very satisfactory. Weight 72.1 kg (compared to
Margot's little letter pleased me very much, the pretty little picture also. What a
pity that the soc[ial] event at
disagreed with her so. What’s done
Kisses also to Margot from your
Best regards to Uncle and the
The “express delivery by messenger”
is absolutely worthless, as I have gathered from your postcards. On the other hand,
postcards work better than
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