9 6 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 5 1 4 a
with finishing the carriage for the time being and wanted to change over now to
making a flying machine. But then I was made aware of the fact that everything has
its hitches, namely, the
who was supposed to make me the little slats,
never had time or was never in the workshop; in short, I just have to wait until Mr.
Master Carpenter deigns to make me the little planks.
I had vacation now at music
Even so, I played almost every day, be-
cause it’s already lots of fun for me. I’m already playing many things by Schubert,
Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Beethoven. The newest ones now are Chopin waltzes.
Although they are a bit hard, if you keep at it a bit, it goes all right.
At home I always have lots to do as well until I have all the necessities in life
together. Everything’s so inconvenient now. Write me how you are feeling and how
your stomach is doing! Can you get up again, or do you have to lie down like Ma-
ma? She’s a little better now, on the whole, but she always has to be lying
Warm greetings from
Vol. 8, 514a. From Mileva Einstein-Maric;
Zurich, 22 April 1918
Dear Albert,
I have received the
with your alterations and inform you of the
1. Regarding the sum to be deposited, it’s the same whether it happens here or
at a bank in Germany; but it should take place in the manner indicated by Dr.
Zürcher in the
The suggestion of making the deposit in Switzerland was
a consequence of the assumption that the interest accumulated from this sum would
already form part of your contribution, and thus be a part of our livelihood; having
this part in Switzerland for safety’s sake, just in case, would be to our advantage;
however, I do not insist on it.
2. I approve of your changes regarding the annual payment of 8,000 francs and
the pot[ential] Nobel
3. As concerns the formulation of the point regarding the
I would
like to add the following explanation: This formulation should not demonstrate the
intention of making it in any respect more difficult for you to meet with the children
but rather it has an entirely different reason. We have considered this point very
thoroughly and have taken the view that it is necessary that I not be obligated to
send or deliver the children at your request to you in Germany, e.g., even if for no
other reason than for the children’s care. It’s anyway impossible to formulate the
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