V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T S 7 0 c , 7 0 d 1 2 3
Vol. 9, 70c. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Sunday. [6 July 1919]
Dear Else,
Yesterday your first postcard arrived at last. Everything’s going well here. I’m
healthy, but am also being very
The course is very well attended; I’m
also making an effort with it. Weyl is suffering very much from his
terday evening I ate at Koppel’s; he was very nice with me but is very worried
Today I want to spend the whole day with my
I’m waiting for
them now in my room. Always indicate the sender on your correspondence. I fear
that my other postcards, which I wrote you, one each day, didn’t arrive because of
the omission of this requirement! Mama is now accommodated in a sanatorium, to
my great relief. It could not have continued that way. It will be more tolerable for
The day after tomorrow I’m traveling to Lucerne
My courses
are always Friday, Saturday, Monday, so I have time to be in Lucerne a
Heartfelt greetings, yours,
(No ink left today!)
Vol. 9, 70d. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Tuesday morning [8 July 1919]
Dear Else,
If only you received my many postcards, which I wrote one a day! Up to now,
all in all, I received from you one postcard! Write the sender’s address on it! Yes-
terday I had the 3rd
Visited Stodola in the
about the social
problem,[3] Hungary.[4]
In the evening Edith was here to see me in
order to be instructed about her doctoral thesis. The thing is very fine—but not her
The day before yesterday I spent the whole day with my boys. We went
sailing for 1 hour in the afternoon. Albert is a splendid boy. Healthy, intelligent, and
a well-rounded person, young though he still is. He’s sure to make his own way. He
fits into this world. It was certainly good and wholesome that he grew up
The little one also looks good but certainly doesn’t exude such a finished personal-
ity. This morning I’m traveling to Lucerne, to return again on
Miza will
then be away with Tete, and I’ll be living there with
It’s surely going to
be very nice. Albert plays music quite well already. There was disgusting checking
going on again at the lecture. But I tell myself quietly: It’s the last
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