V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 1 4 4 a , 1 5 4 a , 1 5 9 a 1 9
Vol. 8, 144a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin, 15 November 1915]
Dear friend Zangger,
I thank you heartily for the detailed news. I was silent because I have been la-
boring inhumanly, but also with magnificent
I modified the theory of
gravitation, having realized that my earlier proofs had a gap. Now the thing has be-
come very simple and easy to
I have now derived from the theory the
hitherto unexplained anomalies of planetary
Imagine my joy! I shall be
glad to come to Switzerland at the turn of the year in order to see my dear boy. I am
writing him at the same
I am gratefully obliged to you more than I can say
for your conciliatory mediation.
Warmest greetings from your
My wife wrote me recently about the children in a manner that appears genuine. I
am going to try to arrange my meeting with my Albert directly with
Vol. 8, 154a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[before 30 November
Dear Papa,
I’d like to answer you
I will come over New Year’s, i.e., from the 31st to
2nd; I’m thinking of going on the
I don’t want to stay longer because
Christmas is nicest at home. Besides, I got skis and would like to learn how to use
them with my colleagues.
The ski equipment costs about 70 francs, and
bought them for me on
condition that you also contribute. I consider them a Chrismas present.
I’m also thinking of taking the skis along to the Zugerberg, in case it has snow.
Vol. 8, 159a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin, before 4 December 1915]
Dear friend Zangger,
Just now I received the enclosed letter from my Albert, which upset me very
After this, it’s better if I don’t take the long trip at all rather than
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