D O C U M E N T 7 6 J U L Y 1 9 2 0 2 0 9
Unfortunately, the decision about Göttingen is drawing out endlessly; we still
don’t have an apartment there. Next week my wife wants to drive there and look
for accommodations.
Will you be coming to southern Germany sometime? We would so much like to
see you and talk.
With warm greetings to your dear wife and the young
Max Born.
76. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] 19 July 1920
Dear Ehrenfest,
The violin has finally
How can it possibly have become so damaged?
They must have handled it barbarically. But it was insured by me. (Something like
1,000 marks.) So go to a good instrument maker immediately and have the damage
assessed, so that you can be reimbursed. If you have the violin repaired, consult
with an expert beforehand so it doesn’t get ruined. Send back the case and the bow
as soon as possible, because it is my only case and my only bow. How eager I am
to have you try the instrument out; it really is fine.
The nomination is now happily
So I am coming in October, in order
to deliver the stale old, but duly withheld, sermon. September is impossible for me
because of the science
Afterward, I intend to meet my boys in south-
What’s the latest on the Hall
I received the photograms from Grebe and Bachem and do indeed find their
method of line selection well
Comparison is possible only on the basis
of photograms. I am confident now that the line displacement problem will soon be
resolved satisfactorily. Koch has improved his photometer substantially
was there yesterday and the day before, delivering the promised
Some pro-
paganda for theoretical physics had to be undertaken so that Epstein can be ap-
There really is a chance. The mathematicians Hecke and Blaschke
are there as
so it would be very nice indeed for Epstein.
Excuse my brevity; I’m working myself to pieces. Greetings to you, your wife,
the learned daughter, and the dear little
from your
Kind regards to Aunt and our big
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