V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 2 8 3 a 3 7
of this business. As far as I know, observations never yielded sharp lines that did
not agree with kinetic gas theory; and this subject has been repeatedly and thor-
oughly treated.
Cordial greetings and wishing you full recovery soon, yours,
A. Einstein
Vol. 8, 283a. To Michele Besso
[Berlin, after 6 December
Dear Michele,
Isn’t it possible after all that Mileva’s illness is of a nervous nature? From the
description it seems to me to be like epilepsy. Its temporal nature also speaks for
I am very sorry for her and also for the boys, who are having a truly pitiful
youth. But nothing can be done about it. I always designed my letters to Albert so
that Mileva could read them without unpleasant feelings. So your suspicion in this
regard cannot
Besides, the environment of a patient always associates sig-
nificant occurrences with external events.–
I have made myself more independent of my relatives insofar as I now almost
always eat alone at home in the evenings. Then I always cook myself something
small, because I have the good fortune of agreeing well with this most direct and
honest form of service. I abandoned once and for all the idea of remarrying. You
were absolutely right in this regard; in general one sees other people’s situations
more clearly than one’s own! Pauli writes very enthusiastically about your lecture
and about your article in the E.T.Z., which I hope you won’t hold back from
The shawm of peace is piping with increasing shrillness . . . it knows
I don’t
know yet exactly how I can see the children next Easter. In any case, I won’t stay
in Zurich, because that would cause agitation. I’d like most to have them come to
Lucerne, but that would be hard to carry through. I am actually deprived of more
rights than a jailbird. It appears that Weyl calculated with an incorrect Hamiltonian
function. It is enough for me that the addition of gravitation unfortunately does not
explain the
Altogether, the connection between gravitation and electro-
magnetism has been quite superficial. On the other hand It is also hard for me to
believe that God Almighty took the trouble to introduce two so very basically dif-
ferent states of space. An infernal joke is probably still behind this. I try in vain
however to improve
I put Wiechert in a very bad light at the collo-
quium concerning
Inertia of energy; fine. But adding a factor 10.7 is
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