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—Of course I declined. But this happened only about a week ago,
because shortly after receipt of the letter I became ill, was not allowed to work at
all, and do prefer to write a rather stern reply personally.
Our summer has not been a happy one. My wife has been sick since the middle
of June, was even absolutely bedridden for many weeks, precisely during our move
to 201 Nieuwe Gracht, and thus had to be nursed in a hospital. Consequently, my
daughters, who had overexerted themselves, did not fare too well, either; they are
now in Noordwijk-by-the-Sea to
I hope we shall all be reunited at
home again at the end of September.
Is it certain yet when you will be giving your inaugural speech in
really ought to stay in Holland for a longer period.
With cordial regards, yours very truly,
W. H. Julius.
130. From Hendrik A. Lorentz
Haarlem, 76 Zijlweg, 3 September 1920
Dear Colleague,
In the
I read about the unpleasantness that the so-called Syndicate
of German Scientists has caused you and I feel the need to tell you how much I re-
gret seeing you subjected to these kinds of
I do not understand what evil
spirit has gotten into these people. Unfortunately I cannot ease the chagrin and vex-
ation that these experiences must arouse in you, but there is one thing I truly can
tell you (many others could do so, too). Namely: whoever knows your papers and
has followed your research knows that you have been striving to seek the truth and
to serve it in all modesty. Whoever knows you personally is doubly convinced of
that. This applies to your friends in this country and fortunately also to the best
among German physicists.
May the confidence that you will not be misunderstood by them make it easier
for you to brush aside any such annoyance. Really, animosities like the ones I read
about do not deserve your stooping to
Now I hope even more than before that you will be coming to see us soon after
With cordial greetings, also from my wife, yours faithfully,
H. A. Lorentz.
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